With jungles full of wildlife, dozens of bird species, and a perfectly conical volcano, the Arenal area offers some of the best sights in Costa Rica--with one of its very best guides. Whether you want to see crater impacts from a 1967 volcanic explosion that wiped out an entire village, dozens of species of birds, natural jungle habitat inside the town of Fortuna, native plants useful for toothpaste or tummy aches, or Jesus Christ lizards running across the river at Caño Negro, Geovani Bogarin can show you.

A professional wildlife guide, Geovani knows where to find trees full of iguanas, long columns of snoozing bats, an albino monkey, and Costa Rica's famous blue-jean frog. On a bird tour Geovani might find 20-40 species of birds, which he recognizes like old friends. (As described in the New York Times, he can recite the page and plate number of over 800 birds in A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica.)

Learn more about his tours, including a boat tour of Caño Negro; a tour about the explosive history of the Arenal Volcano; or bird, plant, nighttime, and frog tours inside Fortuna. Tours conducted in Spanish or English.

Geovani Bogarin has spent more than 25 years showing Costa Rica to visitors. He worked for ten years at the Smithsonian's Arenal Observatory Lodge, observing the volcano, helping to place GPS stations, recording data from the manual seismograph station, collecting ashes, and measuring water. His Smithsonian experience has made him one of Arenal's best volcano guides. He is also the founder of Parque Natural Roca Dura, or the Roca Dura Trail. After proposing his idea to the land's owners, Geovani replanted 15 acres of spring-watered pasture to turn it into a private jungle reserve inside Fortuna where tourists can see wildlife in its native habitat without leaving town. When he's not guiding, he works on the Roca Dura Trail, planting trees, building covered lookout areas for rainy-day birdwatching, and laying trails for handicapped accessibility.

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