· Bird Tour

Roca Dura Trail provides jungle habitat for dozens of kinds of birds. You’ll see 20-40 species on your private tour, including parrots, parakeets, scarlet tanagers, and Amazonian kingfishers, or rarer birds such as pygmy kingfishers, spectacle owls, white-lined tanagers, and blue-throated goldentail hummingbirds. Geovani will also point out animals that take refuge in the park, including sloths, iguanas, lizards, poison dart frogs, and hanging bats. Roofed observation areas provide shelter for birdwatching in rainy weather, or for enjoying a fresh-cooked breakfast as you watch the wildlife.

Tour from 6-9 am at Roca Dura Trail. Breakfast included (vegetarian option available).

Commonly seen birds at roca dura private reserve
Uniform crake
White throated crake